IOPA Specification 4.0 Latest Released

IOPA Specification 4.0 Latest Released

June 1, 2022

Guy Barnard
Guy Barnard

IOPA 4.0 is the fist stable version of the Internet of Protocols Alliance specification.

Optimized for Edge environments

It has been validated against HTTP protocols and runs in NodeJS, Cloudflare, Deno and Browser environments.

Web standards

It adopts web standards such as WHATWG Fetch Request/Response Context Items for body parsing, URLs, Header fields etc.

Development Tools

It also adds a brand new inline debugger for development purposes that allows real-time inspection of the IOPA Context Record, logging, and other instrumentation. It is based on the Flipper tool by Meta Platforms, Inc. used for debugging mobile devices but updated to run in any web browser and to hook right into the IOPA App pipeline.

Last updated on June 5, 2022