Interoperating with Legacy

Using Legacy Middleware for Express or third party servers like Node.js `'http'`

Legacy Middleware

With the iopa-connect package, IOPA servers can also call legacy Node HTTP middleware in the same chain with app.use( function(req,res){ ... } ). All the mapping between the IOPA property dictionary and the NODE req, res dictionaries done automatically without duplication of data.

Legacy Servers

Many reference servers are written from the ground up and available already for IOPA including HTTP, CoAP, MQTT, UPNP, TCP, UDP, Stub Testing, WebKit-DarwinJavaScriptBridge, Chakra-WindowsJavasScriptBridge etc.. However, in Node.js, existing servers that create a req res object (such as the built in http library) can also be used with a simple require('iopa-connect') bridge; similar bridges are available for node-coap, node-slack, azure-functions etc.