Getting Started

Getting Started with IOPA

This page will help you get started with IOPA. You'll be up and running in a jiffy!


First add iopa to your Node.js project

  npm install iopa @iopa/types --save

Create App

Create a simple Hello World application

import type { IContextCore, Next, IRouterApp } from '@iopa/types'
import { RouterApp } from 'iopa'
import RouterMiddleware from '@iopa/router'
import { listen } from '@iopa/edge-nodejs'

const app: IRouterApp = new RouterApp()

app.use(RouterMiddleware, 'Router Middleware')

/* Middleware that processes every request; we could have also used `app.use` */
app.all('*', async (context: IContextCore, next: Next) => {`Processing started for ${context.get('iopa.Method')} request`)
  return next()

app.get('/api/:version', async (context: IContextCore) => {
   // respond as text/plain with default response code of 200
  return 'Hello World' 

async function startServer(): Promise<void> {
  await listen(app)

void startServer()
Last updated on June 5, 2022